Walter Oblivion

Since their formation in 2013, the three-piece Buffalo based band, Walter Oblivion, has quickly gathered a fan base of local musicians and fans that appreciate the intricacies in their discerning choice in music. With their strong mixture of Progressive Rock and Heavy Blues/Rock and Metal mixed in, Walter aims to please those fans that have a discriminating taste in music. Walter Oblivion exists for the love of the music.

Covering a span of artists from the 1970’s through present-day, Walter loves to mix things up and serve some of the best “non-pop” rock music spanning 50+ years. Playing a limited number of shows annually, Walter leaves their fan base always longing for more. New tunes are introduced at every gig with a strong emphasis on improvisation and originality. Walter Oblivion adds an awesome mix of prog. with a touch of jazz & metal to every tune they reproduce.

Walter originally formed in 2013 with members Joe-Guitar/Vocals, Bob-Bass/Vocals & Dan-Drums. “We basically decided during that first jam that we would stay away from the pop radio tunes and play what we like to listen to.” One of the bands highlights was in 2016 when Dan’s 16-year-old Grandson, Calvin joined the band as bassist/vocalist. Calvin’s baritone voice and ability to play the bass like a lead guitar brought the band to another level.

The word on the street is that the band is working on a stash of original music that will blow our minds. Mixing in feelings that the music produces & the licks from bands such as Rush, Stevie Ray, Bee Bop Deluxe, Satriani, Crimson,  Johnny Winter, Trower and the list goes on & on.